Thick- & Thin-Crust Pizza in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Are you tired of boring pizza from chain restaurants? Enjoy mouthwatering thin- and thick-crust pizza at our Norristown, Pennsylvania, pizzeria. Laroma Pizzeria creates hot pizzas with fresh dough every day!

Choose a 12- or 16-inch pie with a thick or thin crust in Neapolitan or Sicilian-style to feed your family or group of friends. Stop by our pizza restaurant for a taste of real Italian pizza.

14-Inch Sicilian Square Pie
This thick-crust pizza is created using 2 pieces of crust, sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings. Some of the many toppings we provide for this pie and others include:

• Pepperoni
• Mushrooms
• Onions
• Sweet Peppers
• Sausage
• Black Olives
• Anchovies
• Ham
• Cheese
• Broccoli
Pepperoni Pizza,  Thin-Crust Pizza, Thick-Crust Pizza in Norristown, PA
Thin-Crust Pizza
Our famous "Red Top" round thin-crust pie is one of our original pies from the 1960s. It is hands down the best pizza you will ever have. Order it to see why customers come from all over for this legendary pizza.

Pizza Delivery
If you can't make it to our pizzeria, don't worry! We offer fast pizza delivery for $1.50 to local areas. Delivery is available during all business hours for
your convenience.

Contact us for more information about our authentic, delicious, and fresh pizza pies.